Changes to my blog

Changes to my blog
Photo by Pierre Bamin / Unsplash

Finally, I had to time to move my Ghost blog to where I wanted. To simplify things, I used Coolify to manage all my WordPress, Drupal, and Ghost blogs. With the latter, I forgot to migrate the image folders. This means you will see a lot of missing images. I will recover as much as I can before this three-day weekend ends.

Mailgun is also not set up yet. Also have to figure out how to get the wildcards set up with Coolify as well. Lots of Todos still.

As far as this blog, I kept the older posts at my original site. Most of the duplicates have already been deleted. This blog will just focus more on IT, Olympic Weightlifting, and my time in Saigon, Vietnam, during COVID. I got to reflect what happened more after returning to the US.

I will be update many of the posts that remain. I want to add more content related to Coolify, Dockers, Containers, and DevOps. I will also keep posting about using Astro and SvelteKit in projects, including integrating them with decoupled/headless content management systems, such as Drupal and Directus. will be my last WordPress site. I have no desire to continue using this framework, even as a headless solution. By using Coolify, I can minimize the need for many plugins which tend to slow the site down. For me, WordPress has fallen the way of Joomla. I will write a bit about that in the future. I plan to use Drupal and Directus more.

Other than that, I will try to get Mailgun running again today so visitors can subscribe.

Till the next post.

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