Formerly SaigonNezumi.com.

Edited on: April 20, 2022.

Kevin Matsunaga has two decades experiencing in web development and server administration. This includes 20 years of experience as a web developer and 17 years of experience as a Linux system administrator. He also taught IB MYP ICT/Design, Drama, and IB DP Computer Science with Chinese, Kazakhstani, and Vietnamese students.

Kevin holds a Master of Public Affairs from Indiana University – Bloomington where he studied Comparative & International Affairs, Information Systems, and Nonprofit Management. He earned his Double Degree Bachelor of Arts (American Ethnic Studies and Sociology) from the University of Washington (Seattle, USA).

Kevin has spent over 2 decades living overseas (China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkey, and Vietnam). You can view his Central Asian experiences at https://amerasianworld.com.

He currently resides in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, where he is the IT, social media, and marketing guy for Baba's Kitchen. He also developed the website for Ben Style Food and ran OishiiEats.vn, a food delivery partner for Oracle GloriaFood.

Kevin is a volunteer AWS Scout for Amazon Web Services in Vietnam. In 2022, he will participate as a volunteer mentor for Bridge for Billion's ARUSEA Incubation Program.

Kevin develops in SvelteKit, Next.js, GraphCMS (GraphQL), and Tailwind CSS. He created his first DAO and NFTs in March 2022 on Polygon (Ethereum) just for fun.

Previous blog: SaigonNezumi.com

Kevin ran a blog from 2006 until 2022 titled SaigonNezumi.com. For 16 years he focused on his Expat life in Saigon, Vietnam. This blog is still archived online at the url. Other links will be posted in the Internal links section on the Links page of this blog.

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