Bucket List

Bucket List

Well, I had a bucket list and then I lost it. No worries, I have come up with a new one.

Living Abroad

I have lived about roughly 20 years outside of the US. I do not think I will ever move back. My eventual goal is to finally settle in Japan. I was born in the US but I will die in Japan.

  • Move to Japan - This has been a big one on my list since 2011. I hope that I can finally make the move to Japan by 2025. I suspect I will live in Fukuoka, Japan, since that is the closest to my relatives.
  • Speak Japanese - I study Japanese everyday but I have a long ways to go before I can be fluent. I think I can get N5 and even N4 before I finally move to Japan.
  • Visit my Kazakh Host Family - I really do miss my Kazakh sisters and even the young Kazakh brother. Gulzhan makes the best lagman.


  • Setup an IT related startup - (Current) I am working on two projects that may help me fulfill this ambition.
  • Write a book - (Current) I have three book ideas now. I keep writing on each one but finally I found that one that keeps me typing everyday.
  • Write a short novel - Another ambition of mine is to tell the story of a mixed overseas Japanese growing up in the US. The light novels will be based on the book ideas above.
  • Get my Private Pilot's License - I need to finally finish it someday.
  • Work on my EdD - Yeah, still want one of these.

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