Bucket List

Bucket List
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

An updated bucket list.

Overseas Travel

I have lived about roughly 20 years outside of the US before returning home.

  • Visit Japan More Often - At least one time per year even for a couple days. My goal is to have a stop if I fly to Kazakhstan or Vietnam.
  • Speak Japanese - I do not want to be fluent, but I want to know enough to speak to my Japanese relatives.
  • Visit my Kazakh Host Family - I really do miss my Kazakh sisters and even the young Kazakh brother. Gulzhan makes the best lagman.
  • Visit Jamaica - I hope to visit there during the Summer of 2024 after I finish the web project.
  • Learn Jamaican - I am getting lessons.


  • Setup an IT related startup - I still have this passion.
  • Write a short novel - (Current) Another ambition of mine is to tell the story of a mixed overseas Japanese growing up in the US.