This page will focus on internal, external, and resource links that I feel are worth your visit.


Updated on: Dec. 3, 2022.

This page will focus on internal and external website links that I feel are worth your visit. Internal links will contain popular content from my previous blog, External links will be links to websites from my network of friends and contacts. Resource links are links related to topics covered in this blog.

  • - My Central Asian website focussing on my experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kazakhstan, Program Recruiter with the American Councils in Kyrgyzstan, and an ICT and Computer Science Teacher with the Miras International School in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  • - I am getting my old WordPress blog online as we speak.

Learn Computer Programming:

Couple sites to learn programming. It is never too late!

Progate | Learn to code, learn to be creative.
Progate is an online platform to learn programming. Learn to build your own apps and services.

I recommend the Web Development (Node.js) course.

Catalog Home | Codecademy
If you’re not sure where to begin or what to learn next, this is a great place to start. Check out our top coding courses, Skill Paths, and Career Paths.

Learn Javascript and Typescript.

Svelte tutorial
Introduction / Basics

Learn Svelte, one of the most popular Javascript frameworks.

My Favorite YouTubers

Below are some You-tubers I enjoy watching with topics related to my blog.

The Halfie Project

The Halfie Project is by far one of the best mixed Asian podcasts online. Their topics are well researched. I think they could easily spread to Japan with their topics.

The Halfie Project - I consider this the only good site dealing with mixed Asian issues. The Halfie Project focuses on mixed Korean Asians but their topic is easily relatable to Japanese Amerasians (Haafus) as well.

Half x Half Podcast

I hope this new podcast follows along the lines of The Halfie Project.

I hope this podcast can develop similar to The Halfie Project. 

Kiun B - Sakha Youtuber from Russia

Kiun B's most interesting video about life in Sakha, Yakutia, Russia. Sakha is a Turkic language which is similar to Kazakh.

Eli From Russia

Eli's popular video on the Tatars. One of my favorite YouTubers.