My Tech Stack

My current tech stack.

My Tech Stack
Samsung Z Fold-4.

Below is my current tech stack:


Frameworks I develop in:

  • Astro - I am using Astro more for my projects, especially the static sites that just need SSG. I have a couple headless WordPress sites running with Astro via SSR.
  • SvelteKit - The majority of my sites are run on SvelteKit, my favorite JS framework.
  • Laravel - I will be using Laravel more with the goal to make apps with SvelteKit with APIs from my Laravel project.
  • Alpine.js - I love this framework. Right now I am using Alpine.js directives with my TailwindUI components.

Headless CMS

Sometimes clients need an easier way to add content without touching the HTML.

  • WordPress - I fell in love with WordPress again after learning how to fetch data via Rest API or GraphQL. I self-host all my headless WordPress sites with Coolify on my server. I still have one WordPress site not used headless. That will change in the future.
  • Hygraph - Hygraph (Formerly GraphCMS) helped me understand the concept of headless content management systems.
  • Ghost - I have two sites running Ghost with another using Ghost headless.
  • Directus - A new self-hosted headless CMS. I use this with Coolify.

CSS Framework

There are many, I just use the Tailwind CSS framework.

  • Tailwind CSS - This is the only CSS framework I used now.
  • TailwindUI - I own a license. Most of my sites use TailwindUI components.
  • DaisyUI - Free Tailwind CSS component library. Always up to date.


  • Snipcart - Great headless ecommerce solution.
  • Shopify - Shopify can be used headless as well. They purchase Remix, a popular JS framework. The are also working on Hydrogen, their Shopify headless stack.
  • WooCommerce - I used it. Will look at it as a headless solution in the near future.


  • MySQL - Truly tested database.
  • PlanetScale - I was surprised, great way to start MySQL projects. I am thinking of moving my project database to PlanetScale if my app gets traction.


  • Vercel - Where I host most of my Jamstack projects.
  • Linode - I host my headless WordPress sites here plus other software. I use Coolify to manage all my services now.
  • Cloudflare Pages - I have one static site hosted there. You cannot beat the price, free.
  • Namecheap - I host my only WordPress site there. This is where I keep some of my emails as well.
  • Github - My source code is there. You can also host static sites at Github.

Mail Services and Communication

  • Gmail - No surprise here. For WordPress, I will use Gmail mail server for some of my contact forms.
  • Namecheap - Still the most affordable way to host large amounts of email. I will eventually forgo this feature and just use the email routing built into Cloudflare.
  • Cloudflare - Cloudflare now has a free email routing. No need for many emails. Just setup one catchall email and forward it to your main email.
  • Fastmail - One of my long term favorites. If I ever ditch Gmail, I will use Fastmail more.
  • Mailfence - Another favorite. Premium version allows you to set up other domains. Privacy focused.
  • Mailgun - My main mail relay for most projects.
  • Formspree - My main contact form service.
  • Slack - My updates are with Slack but I will start to move everything over to Mattermost and Telegram for privacy reasons.


  • Cloudflare - I do not even use the DNS provided by Namecheap, Linode, or Vercel.
  • Vercel - Vercel is a CDN as well, I have to remember to disable the CDN option in Cloudflare.

Cloud Platform as a Service

  • Coolify - By far the best PaaS that is open source. Currently I use Coolify to manage my headless WordPress instances, Ghost, Directus, n8n, Plausible, and Uptime Kuma. I will eventually install Mattermost and Mastodon with Coolify.

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