T2 Kazakh Translation

T2's AI got the Kazakh translation right, I got it wrong.

T2 Kazakh Translation

When Twitter changed owners, I joined the bandwagon and signed up for other social media accounts such as Mastodon and T2. My particular Mastodon server is not very active, but my T2 feed is active, enough for me to check for updates daily. Yes, I still use Twitter.

So today, I gave T2’s new translation feature a try since other users were talking about it. Why not? So I did one post in Japanese writing good morning in Hiragana. After the update, I did not see the translation link in my post since I was impatient. Then it came up, I hit the translate link, it correctly translated what I wrote into English.

Yes, it was a simple translation, but still interesting since I was now going to try a simple Kazakh word with the Kazakh alphabet. Well, that did not go so well (for me, not the AI). I inputted the Kazakh word I wanted to translate, Жақсымың, in the post. After posting and clicking on the translation link, I was surprised at the English translation.

Жақсымың written in the Kazakh alphabet.
Translation of Жақсымың (which is correct).

You see, I was wrong when I typed the Kazakh word. I supposed to type жақсымын, not Жақсымың. So at first I thought the AI was wrong in the translation, then I noticed the last letter. This is the joy of learning Kazakh, in my head when I see a K with a tail, I always write the N with a tail.

Good job AI, Kevin needs to review his Kazakh some more.

Correct Kazakh word for "I am Fine."
Write Kazakh translation into English.

I am planning to teach the Kazakh language as a way to maintain my proficiency in this language. Just not sure when I can start.

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