Finished my second Laravel Tutorial

Finished my second Laravel tutorial.

Today I finally finished the second of Brad Schiff’s tutorial on the Laravel framework. I am really enjoying using Laravel now and as I mentioned earlier; I wish I had learned it nearly a decade ago. Over one hour ago, I deployed the project app to my server for my friends to test. I am really impressed.

The tutorial I finished focused on creating your own social messaging application similar to the old Twitter. Though, you can probably use Breeze for user management and authentication, with this tutorial, you will create your own which you learn more about Laravel. He does a great job explaining on you can create your own policies that authenticate what users can and cannot do at your site. I also have a better understanding of the MVC architecture, it just makes it easier to get projects up and running when compared to many Jamstack options.

It took me over a week to finish the tutorial. I skipped the Dockers installation section and most of the VPS deployment sections. He used git to push the source code to his VPS, I actually prefer to push it to GitHub and then pull it from there to my server.

If you are doing his tutorial, do not do what I did. I used the MySQL database at PlanetScale. In the end, you just need to use your own MySQL installed locally on your desktop. I was surprised to see that you can also use artisan to create your database schema inside your server. That was awesome.

Anyway, great tutorial. I will be reviewing MySQL for a few days before moving on to reviewing PHP.

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