My SkillsetsWhat I Do

Web Developer / Designer

I develop websites in Jamstack (Next.js / NuxtJS) and WordPress. My preferred CSS framework is Tailwind CSS. I place big emphasis on optimizing all websites so they will score well with Google DevTools and Pagespeed Insights. Lately I started implementing to help websites improve their structured data which will be more important in the metaverse.

Server Adminstrator

I currently manage websites either on my Linux server or with Netlify. I also take advantage of both Cloudflare and Cloudinary to further optimize websites.


For the last two years I have helped restaurants integrate GloriaFood with their websites or social media pages. I am currently working on projects with WooCommerce and headless Shopify.

Ecommerce development with Kevin Matsunaga
I am currently developing Ecommerce sites in WooCommerce and with headless Shopify.