SvelteKit and Lighthouse

I developed the current Baba's Kitchen website with SvelteKit. The Google Web Developer Tools scored the site in the 90s.

SvelteKit and Lighthouse
Google Web Developer Tools screenshot of the Baba's Kitchen website

I have been designing websites since the early days of web development in the early 2000s. I still remember the first website I developed with FrontPage.

I will admit it now, over a decade ago, I got intimidated by the new trends in web development. I was not sure if I could adapt. Web Developer Tools were becoming important then. Lighthouse scores became important. The days of just validating HTML or CSS were over. Many "aging" developers like me got real lazy with WordPress.

Static website builders, like Jekyll, became popular. I remember my Indian friend, a software developer, telling me to switch from WordPress to Jekyll. He felt full-stack development had reached its zenith already. Static HTML development, he felt, would return.

I was near my burnout then, so I did not make the transition. My brain could not process any programming code. I stayed with developing in WordPress. Yes, I even "played around" with page builders.

I did develop a couple of websites with the Foundation CSS framework. I loved it. Unfortunately, I moved to another country and stopped doing web development work full-time. Due to a lack of time, all of my websites migrated back to WordPress.

Luckily I did make the change back to static site development. I returned to Vietnam in 2017. Roughly a year later, I started doing web development again. I started using Jamstack frameworks. I fell in love with Nuxt.js, but I started developing most of my websites in Next.js. Recently I found that I really enjoyed developing projects with SvelteKit the most.

I recently migrated Baba's Kitchen website from Next.js to SvelteKit. I made the original website in strict XHTML. You can still see this website archived with the Wayback Machine. Baba's site spent several years in WordPress before I decided it was time to move it to static site over a year ago.

I will talk more about this transition in a future post. Until then, I want to "brag" a little about my Web Developer Tool's scores.

Your goal is to get in the 90s.

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