Shin Moto – Motorcycle accessories and gear in Saigon

Motorcycle accessories in Saigon.

Shin Moto – Motorcycle accessories and gear in Saigon

For nearly several months while I lived at the Chung Cu H1 apartment building in District 4, I kept seeing boxes of Shoei helmets arriving in front of the building. This went on for month. Last month, I finally found out that is was owned by Quang Hoang who runs the shop, Shin Moto, in his apartment.

Quang owns a BMW 1000cc bike which I kept seeing in the parking garage. He kept seeing me on my Kawasaki Z300. So when we met, it was a bit of a surprise. Yesterday I was able to visit his shop for the first time. He is location one floor below me.

As you will notice in the below pictures, Shin Moto has a large collection of motorcycle accessories and gear. He sells Shoei, Shark and AGV helmets but he can order any other brands. He also some good gear including full suits, boots and gloves. For those needing aftermarket exhausts, slip-ons for full systems, Shin Moto can get them as well.

Since Shin Moto is able to import with a lower tax rate, Quang should be one of the go to guys for importing motorcycle accessories.

Below are pictures of his shop:

Shoei Helmets
Dainese motorcycle suit
Dainese motorcycle boots
Shark Helmet
More Shoei helmets
Dainese motorcycle suits
Bluetooth headset for helmet
DynoJet ad full exhaust for MT-09
AGV helmet

Visit Shin Moto Facebook’s page if you are interested in any items.


Phone numbers: 0968.752.159 – 0904.752.159

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