Sasebo, Japan

Photos of Sasebo, Japan, from the summer of 2002 and May of 2015.

Sasebo, Japan

I have visited Sasebo, Japan, several times during my life. I will add photos of my trips and comments routinely.

Sasebo, Japan (2002)

I traveled with my mother in May 2002 to Sasebo, Japan. Sasebo is my mother’s hometown and where the Matsunagas originated in Sasebo. We traveled there to visit my ailing grandmother (She passed away the following year).

I loved to go to Tamaya or Jusco, huge department stores in Sasebo. They both had toy stores full of popular Japanese toys located in downtown Sasebo in a covered shopping area known as the Arcade. I wish I had taken more photos of this area. I also spent time in the 100 Yen stores, where I bought a lot of Japanese souvenirs.

Note: These photos were taken with my first digital camera.

100 Yen store in the Arcade (Sasebo, Japan).

Sasebo, Japan (2015)

Some more shots of Sasebo, Japan, during my trip in May 2015. Sasebo is a beautiful city on the island of Kyushu. Expect to see future posts of Sasebo since I plan to visit this city more often. Below are pictures of Sasebo around my Japanese aunt’s house in the Hino Cho area.

Famous Japanese crane in Sasebo, Japan.
Just a short walk from my aunts house.

Hino Cho (Sasebo)

Downtown Sasebo

Downtown Sasebo is still quite quiet as I remember.

Sasebo River

Sasebo River

Sasebo Burger and other fast-food restaurants in Sasebo

The famous Sasebo burger reminds me of an Aussie burger.

Lotteria was one of my favorite fast-food restaurants in Saigon. 
Tully's Coffee in the Arcade.

Japanese Grocery Store in Sasebo

Kameyama Hachiman-gu Shinto Shrine in Sasebo

Of course, we had to make visit the Kameyama Hachiman-gu Shinto Shrine. It was a nice drive there.