Saigon’s CrossFit box – CrossFit Thao Dien

One of Saigon's newest Crossfit boxes.

Since I started working outside in 2013, I got to see the development of CrossFit firsthand. In Kazakhstan, I was a member of Reactor CrossFit and CrossFit Bruteforce in Almaty. Both boxes gave me a perspective of CrossFit that I never saw before. It was nice to see members doing the same Olympic Weightlifting lifts as I was doing. In Shanghai, I spent a year at CrossFit Bellwether which was a good experience. These were great CrossFit communities that accepted an “outsider” as myself. Outsiders will always be grateful when a CrossFit box allows us to do the Olympic Lifts at their gym. I returned to Vietnam the past summer. CrossFit has grown slow compared to China and Kazakhstan. It is growing though. After preparing for three years, Head Coach Joanna opened up CrossFit Thao Dien. CrossFit Thao Dien will be the first Affiliated CrossFit box in Saigon. This means, this box will have only CrossFit equipment. No weight room. No weight machines. No treadmills or elliptical trainers. It will be a box full of bars, rings, weights, exercise balls, etc. The location in Thao Dien is good too. District 1 and District 4 is nearby.

CrossFit Thao Dien
Image Source: CrossFit Thao Dien

Visit CrossFit Thao Dien’s website for class schedules. I plan to do technical work with my Olympic Lifts once a week at CrossFit Thao Dien after my trip to the US. I hope to see some of you there.

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