Saigon Sports Club awesome upgraded Crossfit box

One of the first Crossfit boxes in Saigon.

Saigon Sports Club awesome upgraded Crossfit box

Well, we have all been waiting for this since the summer now. Saigon Sports Club finally upgraded their Crossfit box for Crossfit Q7. The new upgrade includes 21 Squat racks and over ten of each 20 kg men’s and 15 kg women’s bars. The Crossfit area is huge and brightly lit. This is a big difference from the smaller dark area that Crossfiters and Weightlifters have been using the last 4 years I have worked out at SSC.

Crossfit Q7 is probably one of the largest Crossfit boxes in Southeast Asia. It is the second-largest, after Crossfit Bruteforce in Kazakhstan, that I have worked out in.

Today I worked out in the new box. I loved it. I finally felt positive working out again in Vietnam. You will see some personal records from me in the coming months. Below are the pictures of the new Crossfit facility at SSC.

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