Saigon Ride 4 - District 1 ride to District 7 (alternate route)

Saigon Ride 4 - District 1 ride to District 7 (alternate route)

This is my morning alternate route to Evo Strength + Fitness. It is actually the nicer route going through the more developed part of the city in District 4. It is a nice ride but you have to deal with more stoplights and heavier traffic with this route. Towards the end of the ride I decided to go through several of the smaller streets.

This video took nearly 3 hours to render in 2.7K. Unfortunately it was uploaded only as HD so the 2.7K version never made it. I noticed that there was a bit or reddish coloring added to the video when it upload to YouTube. I will remake this video, and the previous videos, next month after I upgrade to a Mac Mini M1 and replace my GoPro 5 with the GoPro 9.

Hence, until I get the upgraded computer, this could be the last video uploaded until then. You may see some shorter videos clips in 4K until then.

Source: Matsunaga's Odyssey

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