Saigon Ride 1 (From District 1 to Baba's Kitchen - Thao Dien)

Saigon Ride 1 (From District 1 to Baba's Kitchen - Thao Dien)

This is a commute on my Kawasaki Z300 on the "back roads" to the Thao Dien area of District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). I am headed to Baba's Kitchen where I help out with social marketing and IT related work.

The ride starts in District 1, the main center of Saigon. I will head to the Sala area in District 2 via the Thu Thiem Tunnel which goes under the Saigon River. The whole area I will travel through used to have many older homes which were demolished for the newer buildings you see. Though there are many vacant lots, this area in 5-10 will be full of new buildings. I am enjoying the ride now because in the future, I know it will not be possible due to increased traffic. I will definitely miss this trip when I eventually leave Vietnam.

Source: Matsunaga's Odyssey

I used Japanese theme stock music for this video but probably should have used a different set of music. This is the first time I edited an entire video so I am learning as I go. The video was a bit shaky due to the GoPro 5 image stabilization which at the time was considered good.

Oddly enough, 2.7K 30 FPS recording produced some distorted clouds so I will switch to 4K 30 FPS for the next recording and upload as 4K on my GoPro 5 but I can only use the Wide view. The above I can use SuperWide view with 2.7 K. I prefer SuperWide because you can get an idea of how close we ride our bikes to cars and other bikes in the city.

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