Online Groceries with in Saigon

CHOPP is one of favorite grocery apps in Saigon.

Edit: Jan. 18, 2022 - I normally had a good experience with but last December 2021, I had an order discrepancy. The order was smaller than what I paid for. At the time I thought it was related to food inflation but it seems items were removed by the driver before he delivered to me. My latest order was bigger for the same amount of price. Items cost the same as the previous order. I called and sent an email to them. They have not responded. Just a warning.

A couple of months ago I started to use to order some groceries that I needed that were hard to find at the local markets such as Family Mart or Vinmart. So far I have used them several times now. The service is good and a couple of times they did call when an item was missing.

With the extra fees, I found it was the equivalent of taking a taxi to Lotte Mart. Possibly a bit cheaper too and you did not have to wait in line. The delivery is always within the allotted time when you book order in the app.

What is by Chopp Kitchen

To use, it is best to use the app instead of the website. Links are below:

Apple App Store:

Google Play:

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