Noon traffic on my motorcycle in Saigon

Noon traffic on my motorcycle in Saigon

Just a blurry video today. I apologize because I forgot to take the plastic cover off on my GoPro holder. I just removed it so the next videos will be clearer.

I am planning to do more edited motorcycle rides in Saigon. Possibly 10-15 minute pieces with commentary. Not many English speaking vlogs are doing this at the moment.

The below video is just a short clip on my way home from District 1. This street, Nguyen Thai Hoc, is one of the many busy streets in Ho Chi Minh City. As you will see, I had to maneuver quite a bit as I was crossing the bridge from District 4. This tends to be easy while on a motorbike but takes more skills when riding a motorcycle. More importantly, you will need to do this safely as well.

Source: Matsunaga Odyssey

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