Nikolai Ge Weightlifting Technique Videos

I found Coach Nikolai Ge's YouTube Channel videos of my workout session with him. I worked out with him at Reactor Crossfit in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Nikolai Ge Weightlifting Technique Videos

Awhile ago, I found out that Coach Nikolai Ge had a YouTube Channel. I never knew. What surprised me more, he recorded several exercise movements in taught me during one of his coaching sessions. His technique is being used by weightlifting coaches around the world. Most people do not know he created these techniques since it offered his training movements for free. He can point out to the weightlifters that use his technique by watching their moves.

I have a couple of books he published in Russian that I plan to translate into English someday.

In the following videos, he is working on my clean and jerks. Notice my stance is different.

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