Musa Karim Halal Restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam

Musa Karim Halal Restaurant re-opens in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. Musa offers halal Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisines.

Musa Karim Halal Restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam

My Muslim friend and I finally visited the newly re-opened Musa Karim halal restaurant after being closed during the long Covid pandemic and lockdowns. Luckily Musa Karim survived. Not only was there a name change, Musa Karim dropped their “e” from Kariem, there was a big menu change as well.

What surprised me was that the restaurant was packed with Malaysian tourists. Malaysian Street (An Ninh Street) has an excellent reputation for halal restaurants. Muslims do not need to question the halal assurance of these restaurants anymore. The Muslim community on Malaysian Street police themselves more and more each year.

New Menu

I was happy about this. Musa Karim now offers Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, and Vietnamese halal cuisines. The prices are very affordable when you compare the other restaurants catering to the expatriate and tourist customers.

New Musa Karim Menu.

I went with my long favorite Malaysian dish, Nasi Goreng Malaysia. It has been over 5 years since I last had this dish. The wait was worth it, Musa Karim did a great job of making this dish for me.

Nasi Goreng Malaysia.

A Busy Malaysian Street

When we left, we were surprised to see Malaysian tourists shopping. This is a far cry from a week ago when the street was still deserted. By next summer, it will be hard to walk this street again, which will be good for the local Cham and Vietnamese Muslim community.

Malaysian Street (Ben Thanh Market in the background).
Malaysian Street.

Musa Karim Halal Restaurant

Address: 47 Nguyen An Ninh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

-> Visit GoHALALVietnam for more information about Musa Karim.

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