Learning Laravel

Update, I started to learn Laravel.

Learning Laravel
Photo by Mohammad Rahmani / Unsplash

Well, it has been awhile since I last posted; I have now scheduled to write at least one blog post every Sunday morning related to technology. I have another blog that I post daily, but it is not really related to technology.

I have made some major life changes since March of this year. Finally, after many years, I am more focused, I can study again as well. It was hard work, involved using productivity and mindfulness apps. I know what direction to go.

I returned to PHP so I can learn Laravel. It should have been an obvious choice, though. PHP was the second programming language I learned, I created one of my first applications with this language. The newest version of PHP has really improved its usability and resolved many security issues.

Yes, I blogged about Jamstack and microservices, but I decided I just want to use a framework. It just speeds up the process of development and also allows me to minimize my the use of microservices.

If I have time, I may post daily updates on my progress of learning Laravel. My goal is to create an MVP this week.

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