How clean is Saigon's water?

Is it safe to drink the water in Ho Chi Minh City?

Recently I decided to test the water at my apartment. Below are the results

Water test results for bottled water in Saigon

Above is the water test for 20 liter jug. 49 ppm is considered safe drinking water.

Water test results for tap water in Saigon

Above is the water test for unfiltered tap water. 42 ppm is safe for drinking water. A surprise since the bottled water may just be tap water.

Above are the results for filtered water using a four filter system that includes reverse osmosis.

Hence in my area of District 4 the water meets safe drinking standards. Unfortunately, it does not measure the chemicals in the water. You still need a water filter but boiling and a Brita filter should be enough for most places in Saigon.

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