Headless WordPress + Astro (Intro)

I am using headless WordPress with GraphQL and Astro (with React and Svelte components).

Headless WordPress + Astro (Intro)

Nearly a month ago I wrote how I switched back to Hygraph as my main headless content management system. That was after I used headless WordPress with Rest API. I really do like using Hygraph, it is a great headless CMS. After using it for one project, I wanted to see if I could use WordPress the same way.

Hygraph is great because you can create your modals and add components. You get to design it anyway you wanted. It is great. It uses GraphQL, so it is a matter of figuring out how to fetch the data for your SvelteKit instance.

Well, you can do the same in WordPress, but faster. And I did it. I used Astro in this case. I wanted to use some React and Svelte components with my website migration. If you own the license to TailwindUI, you would understand.

So now I am migrating the previous SvelteKit site that used Rest API with WordPress to Astro. I should be finished tomorrow. I will post a follow-up article that goes over where I hosted my WordPress instance and which plugins I chose. This will include the discussion of the components I used from React and Svelte.

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