Electric shavers in Saigon – Duc Van

Best place to buy electric shavers in Saigon.

Update: Jan. 27, 2022 - They are still open.

So, my Philips electric shaver, which I bought at Nguyen Kiem over a year ago,   dies. I really hated this razer so I wanted to replace it. Searching on the Internet, I found Duc Van < ducvan.vn> in District 5. It is a small mama and papa’s shop that has a small showroom of electric shavers for men and women.


They even have electric toothbrushes and accessories for all the electric items, i.e. cleaning cartridges for the shavers. I was quite happy to find them. The owner is really nice, he had a translator there.
I bought one Braun 790 series electric shaver and one Norelco hair clippers. The price is acceptable.  It would cost roughly the same to ship it to Vietnam with custom fees.

Braun shaver - Duc Van
Panasonic Norelco Hair Clippers

Duc Van is located at 289 Hang Bang in District 5. You will have to find the alleyway to the left of 287 Hang Bang. There is a place for parking. Then walk up thw two flights of stairs and turn left. Duc Van has a sign in front of their apartment. You will need to ring the bell or call them with the information below:

Business card for Duc Van

Duc Van is currently the only shop in Saigon selling Braun electric shavers.

Website : www.ducvan.vn

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