Dealing with dry air in #Almaty

How to deal with the dry winter Almaty air.

Edit 1: Sadly my humidifier died but I found it was not really doing much anyway.  I good solution is to shower with hot water and keep the bathroom door open.  It puts in enough moisture to keep my room with the right amount of humidity for me to sleep.  My humidifier gauge says my room is around 20% relative humidity with this method.  Until I am able to repair my humidifier, I will use this option.

In late fall and early winter, the air tends to get dry in Almaty. Dry nostrils can result from this. Sleeping at night can be difficult since I have a tendency to snore more when the relative humidity is low.
This year, after a lot of research, I am now able to sleep through most of the night with the relative humidity around 40% in my room.  This is accomplished by doing four things.
First, I put a wet towel on my heater before I sleep. There is no way to turn my heater off since it is centrally heated with hot water. These heaters tend to suck the water out of the air.  The wet towel has helped a bit.


Second, I have a humidifier that runs when I am home. Mine is a Stadler Form Oskar which I bought a couple months ago. It runs all night. I also put a bucket of water next to the humidifier and heater as well. It helps a bit and makes it easier to refill my humidifier. Finally I put some Vaseline in my nose to keep it moist when I sleep. It works okay.


So far so good, I sleep well now though this set up is only in my room.
If you have any other suggestions to dealing with dry air, let me know.

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