Changing Saigon

Changing Saigon

Saigon is an ever changing city. I first arrived in May, 2004, and over 16 years later, the city itself is no longer recognizable as its 2004 former self. New high rises and apartment buildings, much more motorbikes, including motorcycles, and many cars with the resulting traffic jams.

Getting a photo like this with the blue sky is not much a norm anymore. Even during Covid-19 times, the pollution tends to hang out longer. When this pandemic ends, the pollution will get much worse.

Saigon is changing. Many Japanese and Koreans are moving here with their companies helping change the face of the city. Family Marts and other Japanese system konbinis are everywhere. Aeon Malls as well as the Lotte Marts.

I predict in 15-20 years, Saigon will look more like Seoul and Tokyo then Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.  

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