Chain Lube comparison test

Chain Lube comparison test

When owning a motorbike in Saigon, Vietnam, you are actually lucky enough never to worry about cleaning and lubing the chain. For the majority of motorbikes and scooters this is the case. One you get to a motorcycle which actually has chains, cleaning then lubing them will become more important.

Sadly here in Saigon, there is so much misinformation on how one should lube their chains. I used to use a higher priced lube or let the Kawasaki service clean and lube them for me. The problem is that my chains, especially in the rainy season, would still get rust on them after a couple trips in the rain. My main purpose was just to keep the chains from rusting.

Then I watched this video (below) and was surprised. Most of the chains are sealed with many newer motorcycles. Hence, you just need the chain lube to keep the dirt off. This year I was able to see the difference. Twice I let Kawasaki clean and lube my chain. Always within the month I would have to remove the rust from my chains even when it did not rain. When I used just motorbike lube oil, guess what, no rust. Yes, you may have to spend more time to remove all the dirt but it did the job. If needed I can always take my bike to Kawasaki to clean the chains if needed but the motorbike was the better, and cheaper, option.

Chain Lube Comparison Test

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