April Update

April Update, I did not go to Texas.

April Update
Photo by Joel Holland / Unsplash

Springtime has arrived though with the current Washington weather being cooler than normal, spring seems to arrive later than normal. Weather forecast says warmer weather is finally coming which I am looking forward. It has been nearly 19 years since I experienced spring in the US, and about 6 years since experiencing this season Shanghai. Vietnam, there really is no spring, just wet and dry seasons.

With spring’s arrival, I hope to get back to some serious web developing again. My last post nearly two months ago, I was preparing for my move to Dallas, Texas, which I canceled several days before departure. The cancellation also meant that I did not go forward with my EdTech projects, hence I pulled out of the startup accelerator.

I took the time to decide what I really wanted to do with my life job and project wise. I also used the time to take care of myself physically and mentally, something I have not done since leaving for Kazakhstan in 2013. I decided to seek employment in either IT or education within the US and Japan, an endeavor I started in early March.

Project wise, I will focus more on my EdTech project, but keep it a smaller scale. This means no project helping develop a STEM program for preschoolers. I want to do something more realistic and fun to do.

I will let you know more about it in a post coming up. I plan to scale this down more and create my simple learning management system to teach my students. Using Moodle, though practical, gets time consuming mostly because of maintenance and setup. With microservices, I really do not need to do this anymore. There are ways to simplify this process.

I started this project a couple times, but in the last two months, I found myself bedridden, so I had to postpone it twice. Next week I will get back to it. And yes, I am glad I came home, being bedridden can be tough, but with family around, you recover faster.

Anyway, have a nice weekend. My next post will focus on Astro again.

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